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​​​​​​​Jill Atkinson
As an award-winning freelance advertising copywriter, when you work with me you're working with the big boys: MacLaren, BBDO, Taxi, Jam3, Klick Health, AndersonDDB, EURO, and a great bunch of great mid-sized agencies and b2b shops. Oh yeah, a national television network, 15 specialty channels, and startups who have taught me everything I know about how to get you noticed, remembered, and sold. Or clicked and talked about. TikTok.

I'm a creative unicorn and eternally curious. An art director turned copywriter. A filmmaker and documentarist. My experience is a foot in the door for your brands. 

Great conversations have to start somewhere. If you can't write, call Jill at 
647-409-0479 or send an S.O.S. to zookeepersboot@gmail.com

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A few words from past clients:
Jill Atkinson, not only understands the realities of dynamic work-backs, she delivers compelling thinking and flawless execution along the way. Because of that, I am repeatedly heard saying, "Let's call Jill."  
Ron Tite, author, public speaker, and founder, CEO, Church + State

"Whenever I need a writer who can deliver work that gets noticed ... and approved ... I call Jill. 
From creative pitches to web copy to technical medical writing, she can handle it. Best of all, it's always on brief, on budget, and on time."
Marcia Thompson, Executive Recruiter
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