I Can Take The Heat.

Freelance copywriter, Toronto. Advertising creative director. Journalist and writer. You could say I really like to stir things up.

I started out as a sous-chef and pastry chef because I like making things from scratch. It also paid my way through school. I graduated from the Ontario College of Art Communication Arts Program and joined McKim/Baker Lovick/BBDO as an art director. I made the switch to copywriting a few years later after discovering that creating words was more fun than making them pretty. I wrote words for many great Toronto shops. Maclaren. BBDO. Taxi. Sharpe Blackmore/EURO. 

I worked hard, won lots of awards, and stirred things up again, making a move to the entertainment industry. As creative director at Canada's public broadcaster CBC and later, Shaw Media, I helped both networks post some of their highest ratings ever and helped create award-winning campaigns for some of my favourite shows and specialty cable networks like Showcase, History Channel, Food Network and National Geographic Channel. 

As a copywriter, I write stuff that gets noticed and remembered. I know how to create those words in a way that consumers and audiences connect to, believe in and engage with. In my spare time, I'm an activist/writer/blogger for social responsibility in business and personal responsibility for what we feed our children and how we care for our planet. 

Whatever your needs may be - another brain in the room for a pitch, some smart headlines, tv treatments, pitching bibles, original content writing, long-form technical copy or website content, I know my way around a brief and deliver to deadline with the level of professionalism and commitment you'd expect from someone who has launched and successfully supported some of the biggest brands and shows in the business ... I guess you could say that I can stand the heat.

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