I Can Take The Heat.

Creative copywriter. ACD/CD. Journalist. Writer. Baker of wickedly good carrot cakes.

You could say I like to stir things up. I began working as a pastry chef because I like making things from scratch. But the restaurant world wasn't my thing, so I cooked up a portfolio and got into the Ontario College of Art Communication Arts Program where I won the McCann Scholarship. After graduation, I joined McKim/Baker Lovick/BBDO as an art director. 

I made the switch to copywriting a few years later. I wrote words for many great Toronto shops. Maclaren, BBDO, Taxi, Sharpe Blackmore/EURO, and Jam3 to name a few. 

I worked hard, won lots of awards, and traded in the agency life to become creative director at CBC, Canada's public broadcaster and later, Corus Entertainment. I helped both networks post some of their highest ratings ever and helped create many award-winning campaigns.

I had a kid and became interested in social responsibility in business, and personal responsibility for what we feed our children and how we care for our planet. Along the way, I became passionate about healthcare, medicine, and wellness. Now I wear many hats in my kitchen.

Let's fire up something together.

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