CBC Radio Promos Demo Reel
Network Radio Promos
Creative Direction/Copywriting: Jill Atkinson
Writer/Producer: Walter Rinaldi
Writer: Dean Black
Producer: Sean Laughlin
CBC Radio One - Jian Ghomeshi Q, Spark Regrets, Bill Richardson Sunday Afternoon in Concert, Quirks & Quarks Brain, Jessie Brown Search Engine, Quirks & Quarks Too Far From Home, Canada Reads
CBC Radio 2 - compilation - Tom Allan Morning, Julie Nasrulah Tempo, Rich Terfry Drive, Tom Allan Morning, Tom Allan Morning music bed remix
CBC Radio Three - New website launch
CBC Radio One - GO - Go's Second Last Show
Canada Reads with the CBC Radio One Morning Flakes crew - extended mix
Quarks & Quarks Brain in Love, Spark Social Media, The Debaters Time Machine, GO Giants of Rock Quiz Show, The Debaters Comedy, The Book Club at cbc.ca, Spark Middle Aged Dad Text Challenge, GO The Gayest Music of All Time, The Sunday Edition Pie Ladies, Spark Florence Henderson, The Sunday Edition Montreal, CBC Radio 3 New Website, Ideas It's a Teens World, Afghanada Season 4
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