Jill Atkinson Copywriter

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The places where I've worked tell my story.

My career has enjoyed many chapters while working at big brand agencies like Mclaren, BBDO, Taxi, Jam3 and EURO. 

A plot twist led me to become an advertising creative director at the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC), and Corus Entertainment (History, Nat Geo, BBC, Bravo, Independent Film Channel (IFC), Food Network, and HGTV).

Finally, at Maclaren Health, Klick, Katalyst, and AndersonDDB, I discovered the true romance of bringing creativity and science together. Health and wellness became my love language.

All these amazing companies have taught me the one thing that all brands have in common. To stand out, they need to tell different stories, like these:

For concepts, scripts, copy decks, digital media including websites, short form, long form and everything in between.

Great conversations have to start somewhere. Call me at
647-409-0479 or zookeepersboot@gmail.com

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