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This was a unique media buy done as part of the "Heros" campaign. We called these "Magic Mirrors" - they were placed in washrooms at Sports Bars. As you'll see in the video, they were activated by motion sensors. 
HNIC Hero Bobby Orr
HNIC Hero Trevor Linden
HNIC Hero Bobby Clarke
NHL Awards, Las Vegas, Nevada
CBC Sales & Marketing collateral
This was a tri-fold flyer created for media buyers attending a HNIC sponsored screening of a new James Bond film. HNIC had just completed a new demographic study of their audience - with some surprising and unexpected information, and wanted a unique piece that tied in with the screening.

Hockey Night in Canada
Where Heros Are Made

Creative Director: Jill Atkinson
Art Director: Alan Chan
Copywriter: Dean Black
Promo Producer: Chris Moore
Motion Graphics: Steve Dutcheschen
Radio: Dean Black
Producer: Sean Laughlin
Mirror Promo Producer: Jason Irwin

Stellar Season
Creative Director: Jill Atkinson
Art Director: Edgar Pineda
Copywriter: Steve Parks
Wonders of the Watchteam
Art Director: Matthew LeHoux
Copywriter: Peter Ignatiou

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