News is always challenging to work on. Unlike prime time programming, the news has a set of journalistic principals that must always be adhered to. And we were never allowed to "create" news events for the purpose of advertising. Any images that ran in print or were used online or in TV promos had to be from real news events.

In 2009, CBC undertook a massive study of CBC News, and determined that the current news format needed to be updated to reflect, in part, the impact that the digital age was having on newsgathering and news reporting. Social media was also changing the way we did news ... and was putting pressure on the news department to make the news into more of a 2-way conversation with the audience. CBC News even revamped "The National" newscast, realizing that by the time 10pm rolled around, the day's headlines were old news, and thanks to the internet, Twitter and other newsbreakers, "The National" needed to become more benefit-oriented for it's audience. This meant covering how the day's events would impact your life. Bringing you the stories behind the headline so you got more of a 360 view.

Below is the tease campaign and launch campaign that my team created to relaunch CBC News. CBC Newsworld was relaunched as CBC News Network and a host of new shows, new faces and new formats were added to the line-up.

Creative Director: Jill Atkinson
Copywriter: Dean Black, Peter Ignatiou, Team CBC News
Art Director: Alan Chan, Doug Temple
Promo Producer: Chris Moore
Photographer: Dustin Rabin
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